Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–2412. Duties of the Executive Director.

(a) The duties of the Executive Director shall include:

(1) Identifying individuals who pose a high risk of participating in, or being a victim of, violent crime;

(2) Recruiting such individuals, as feasible, to participate in programs incorporating mental or behavioral health counseling and that are designed to discourage violent crime;

(3) Coordinating with District agencies to develop workforce development and restorative justice programming; and

(4) Producing reports as required under § 7-2411(d).

(b)(1) The Executive Director shall ensure that any personally identifiable information that the ONSE collects or maintains concerning existing or potential participants in its programs remains confidential.

(2) The Executive Director shall regularly conduct assessments and evaluations, to be performed by a qualified research entity, of outcomes for participants in ONSE programs.