Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1931. Community Health Care Financing Fund; establishment, purpose.

(a) There is hereby established within the General Fund a special nonlapsing interest earning account to be designated as the Community Health Care Financing Fund (“Fund”), into which the Chief Financial Officer shall deposit all:

(1) Proceeds received by the District from the sale by the District of Columbia Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation of its Tobacco Settlement Asset-Backed Bonds, Series 2006;

(2) Receipts from any fees and taxes specifically identified by District law to be paid into the Fund;

(3) All payments received from Greater Southeast Investment, L.P., relating to its loans of approximately $49 million to Specialty Hospitals of America, LLC, or certain of its subsidiaries;

(4) The District’s share of any proceeds arising from a disposition of all or any part of the land and improvements on Lots 3 and 4, Square 5919; and

(5) Fees collected pursuant to § 50-1501.02f(b)(1).

(b) The purposes of the Fund shall be to directly pay to promote health care and for the delivery of health care related services in the District, including the construction of health care facilities and the operation of health care related programs, promoting breast cancer prevention and treatment, or to reimburse any account of the General Fund for its expenditures for these purposes.

(c) All interest generated by the Fund shall be retained by the Fund.