Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1303.09. Transfer of individual from one facility to another.

(a) The Department on Disability Services may recommend to the Court that an individual committed to the facility be transferred to another facility if the Department on Disability Services determines that it would be beneficial and consistent with the habilitation needs of the individual to do so. Notice of the recommendation shall be served on the individual, the individual’s counsel, the individual’s parent or guardian who petitioned for the commitment and the individual’s advocate for a person with an intellectual disability, if one has been appointed. If the proposed transfer is determined by the Court to be a transfer to a more restrictive facility, a mandatory hearing shall be conducted promptly in accordance with the procedures established in subchapter IV of this chapter. If the Court determines that the proposed transfer would be to a less restrictive facility, a Court hearing shall be held only if the individual, the individual’s parent or guardian, or, in the case of an individual committed under § 7-1304.06a, the District requests a hearing by petitioning the Court in writing within 10 days of being notified by the Court of its determination. The hearing shall be held promptly following the request for the hearing. In deciding whether to authorize the transfer, the Court shall consider whether the proposed facility can provide the necessary habilitation and whether it would be the lease restrictive means of providing such habilitation. In the case of an individual committed under § 7-1304.06a, the Court shall also consider whether the proposed placement can provide sufficient supervision or security to prevent the individual from causing injury to others as a result of the individual’s intellectual disability. Due consideration shall be given to the relationship of the individual to his or her family, guardian, or friends so as to maintain relationships and encourage visits beneficial to the relationship.

(b) Repealed.

(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit transfer of an individual to a health care facility without prior Court approval in an emergency situation when the life of the individual is in danger. In such circumstances, consent of the individual, or parent or guardian who sought the commitment shall be obtained prior to the transfer. In the event the individual cannot consent and there is no person who can be reasonably contacted, such transfer may be made upon the authorization of the Department on Disability Services, with notice promptly given to the parent or guardian. Consent of the individual, parent, or guardian is not required if the District sought commitment. The parent, guardian, counsel for the individual, and advocate for a person with an intellectual disability shall be notified promptly of the transfer.