Code of the District of Columbia

§ 51–175. Effective date and expiration, termination, or revocation of a shared work plan.

(a) A shared work plan shall be effective on the date that is mutually agreed upon by the employer and the Director, which shall be specified in the notice of approval to the employer.

(b) The duration of the plan shall be 365 days from the effective date, unless a shorter duration is requested by employer or the plan is terminated or revoked in accordance with this section.

(c) An employer may terminate a shared work plan at any time upon written notice to the Director, participating employees, and a collective bargaining representative for the participating employees. After receipt of such notice from the employer, the Director shall issue to the employer, the appropriate collective bargaining representative, and participating employees an Acknowledgment of Voluntary Termination, which shall state the date the shared work plan terminated.

(d) The Director may revoke a shared work plan at any time for good cause, including:

(1) Failure to comply with the certifications and terms of the shared work plan;

(2) Failure to comply with federal or District law;

(3) Failure to report or request proposed modifications to the shared work plan in accordance with § 51-176;

(4) Unreasonable revision of productivity standards for the affected unit;

(5) Conduct or occurrences tending to defeat the purpose and effective operation of the shared work plan;

(6) Change in conditions on which approval of the plan was based;

(7) Violation of any criteria on which approval of the plan was based; or

(8) Upon the request of an employee in the affected unit.

(e) Upon a decision to revoke a shared work plan, the Director shall issue a written revocation order to the employer that specifies the reasons for the revocation and the date the revocation is effective. The Director shall provide a copy of the revocation order to all participating employees and their collective bargaining representative.

(f) The Director may periodically review the operation of an employer's shared work plan to ensure compliance with its terms and applicable federal and District laws.

(g) An employer may submit a new application for a shared work plan at any time after the expiration or termination of a shared work plan.