Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–301.02. Purposes.

(a) In enacting this subchapter, the Council of the District of Columbia supports the following statutory purposes:

(1) To promote the public interest in taxicab transportation by insuring that all rules, regulations, and laws specifically relating to taxicabs be vigorously and fairly enforced; that discrimination in taxicab passenger service be strictly proscribed and penalized; and that adequate and high quality taxi passenger service be provided to all quadrants and neighborhoods of the District;

(2) To promote and maintain a healthy and viable taxicab industry;

(3) To maintain a taxicab transportation system which provides owners and operators of taxicabs with reasonable and just compensation for their services, and which is reasonably priced and readily accessible in cost to a broad cross section of the public;

(4) To promote and maintain policies which:

(A) Encourage professionalism in the industry;

(B) Assure the licensure of competent and knowledgeable operators;

(C) Assure the licensure of companies and associations which render adequate and professional public service;

(D) Permit, as a result of economic feasibility and incentive, the utilization of efficient, comfortable, and current transportation equipment and technology;

(E) Utilize and promote efficient methods of taxicab passenger transportation;

(F) Foster good will and a cooperative spirit among the taxicab industry, the government, the hospitality industry, and the public;

(G) Promote policies of energy conservation, the reduction of pollution, including through the use of alternative fuel vehicle models, the reduction of traffic congestion, and policies that promote a more livable city; and

(H) Provide specific policies and programs to increase wheelchair-accessible taxicab service to the disabled throughout the District;

(5) To fund the DFHV activities from a dependable, secured, and restricted fund;

(6) To improve the delivery of taxicab service to the community; and

(7) To improve the functioning of the DFHV.

(b)(1) The District also determines it a matter of public policy to:

(A) Promote and encourage the meaningful participation of minorities and District residents in the District’s taxi industry;

(B) Promote and encourage a healthy degree of competition within the taxi industry between taxicab companies and associations; and

(C) Assure access to the ownership of taxicabs by taxicab operators.

(2) In keeping with the policies set forth in paragraph (1) of this subsection, the DFHV shall:

(A) In exercising the authority vested in it by this subchapter, and in its formulation of policy and programs, encourage and promote meaningful participation of District residents and minorities, as the term minority is defined in § 2-215.02(1) [repealed], in the ownership and operation of taxicabs, taxicab companies, and taxicab associations;

(B) Encourage a healthy degree of competition within the taxi industry between taxicab companies and associations, and shall discourage the monopolization of the taxicab industry;

(C) Issue rules and establish policies which shall assure taxicab operators continued access to the ownership of taxicabs; and

(D) Issue rules and establish policies that shall encourage taxicab operators to purchase taxicabs.