Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–2402. Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Division established.

(a) There is established an Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Division of the Department of Public Works (“Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Division”), which shall be responsible for the removal of any abandoned or dangerous vehicle from any public or private property including any public space. The Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Division shall:

(1) Determine whether the vehicle is an abandoned or dangerous vehicle in accordance with § 50-2421.02;

(2) Determine whether the vehicle has been stolen and relinquish custody of the vehicle to the Metropolitan Police Department, if the vehicle has been stolen;

(3) Place or mail, as applicable, the appropriate warning notice described in §§ 50-2421.04 and 50-2421.05;

(4) Impound any abandoned or dangerous vehicle, if appropriate;

(5) Mail the impoundment notice required by § 50-2421.07(b) to the owner and lienholders of any impounded vehicle;

(6) Sell or dispose of unclaimed impounded vehicles, including all items of personal property left therein, pursuant to § 50-2421.10;

(7) Repealed; and

(8) Repealed.

(b) The Mayor shall use personnel who are charged with private or public space inspection, sanitation inspection, and traffic and parking enforcement responsibilities to investigate and place warning notices on abandoned and junk vehicles.

(c) The Mayor shall encourage all District government agencies and residents to identify and report abandoned and junk vehicles to the Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Division and shall, within 90 days of September 9, 1989, implement an educational campaign to accomplish this task.