Code of the District of Columbia

§ 49–1002. Establishment of the Office of Veterans Affairs; appointment of Director; compensation of Director; organization.

(a) There is established an Office of Veterans Affairs (“Office”).

(b) The Mayor shall appoint a Director of the Office with the advice and consent of the Council, pursuant to § 1-523.01. The Director shall be responsible for the management and operation of the Office and shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.

(c) The Mayor shall fix the compensation of the Director pursuant to subchapter IX of Chapter 6 of Title 1.

(d) The Director is authorized to hire staff in the Career Service, consistent with budgetary authorization, as he or she deems necessary to perform the functions of the Office. The Director may engage qualified volunteers in accordance with District law.

(e) The Director shall have authority to delegate to other employees of the Office any of the Director’s duties and powers.