Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–126. Assistance application form standardization.

(a) All District government assistance application forms (“AAF”) for assistance from the District government, or leading to federal or private assistance, shall:

(1) Require the applicant to state whether he or she is a veteran; and

(2) Provide contact information for the Office of Veterans Affairs, established by § 49-1002.

(b)(1) An agency that receives AAFs shall establish a procedure to retain AAFs that indicate that the applicant is a veteran separately from AAFs that do not so indicate.

(2) An agency that receives an AAF that indicates that the applicant is a veteran shall forward this information to the Office of Veterans Affairs for its use and record retention.

(c) Upon August 16, 2008, all agencies shall meet the requirements of this section by providing the required information on the AAF or as an attachment to the AAF.