Code of the District of Columbia

§ 48–903.03. Registration — Public interest; limitations.

(a) The Mayor shall register an applicant to manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled substances included in Schedules I, II, III, IV, and V unless the Mayor determines that the issuance of that registration would be inconsistent with the public interest. In determining the public interest, the Mayor shall consider the following factors:

(1) Maintenance of effective controls against diversion of controlled substances into other than legitimate medical, scientific, or industrial channels;

(2) Compliance with applicable District of Columbia law;

(3) Any convictions of the applicant under any federal, state, or District of Columbia laws relating to any controlled substance;

(4) Past experience in the manufacture, distribution, or dispensing of controlled substances, and the existence in the applicant’s establishment of effective controls against diversion;

(5) Furnishing by the applicant of false or fraudulent material in any application filed under this chapter;

(6) Suspension or revocation of the applicant’s federal registration to manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled substances as authorized by federal law; and

(7) Any other factors relevant to and consistent with the public health and safety.

(b) Registration under subsection (a) of this section does not entitle a registrant to:

(1) Manufacture or distribute controlled substances in Schedule I or II other than those specified in the registration; or

(2) Manufacture, distribute, or dispense Cannabis unless specified in the registration.

(c) Practitioners must be registered to dispense any controlled substances or to conduct research with controlled substances in Schedules II through V if they are authorized to dispense or conduct research under the provisions of § 48-903.02. Separate registration shall be required for practitioners engaging in research with narcotic controlled substances set forth in Schedules II through V. The Mayor need not require separate registration under this subchapter for practitioners engaging in research with nonnarcotic controlled substances in Schedules II through V where the registrant is already registered under this subchapter in another capacity. Practitioners registered under federal law to conduct research with Schedule I substances may conduct research with Schedule I substances within the District of Columbia upon furnishing the Mayor evidence of that federal registration.

(d) Compliance by manufacturers and distributors with the provisions of the federal law respecting registration entitles them to be registered under this chapter.

(e) Any registration issued pursuant to this section shall be issued as a Public Health: Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals endorsement to a basic business license under the basic business license system as set forth in subchapter I-A of Chapter 28 of Title 47.