Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–845. Tax deferral — Amount.

(a) An eligible taxpayer may defer each year any real property tax owed in excess of 110% of his or her immediately preceding year’s real property tax liability for Class 1 Property as defined in § 47-813(c)(1). To be eligible for such deferral the taxpayer must:

(1) Have owned for at least 1 year the property for which the deferral is claimed;

(2) Certify that such property is currently occupied by the taxpayer and that such property was occupied by the taxpayer for the 12 month period immediately preceding the application for deferral; and

(3) File a written application for deferral on a form provided by the Mayor. An application for real property tax deferral shall be filed with the Mayor before the last date an installment payment of the real property taxes which are to be deferred is due.

(4) — (7) Repealed.

(b) If a taxpayer submits a timely application for deferral of real property taxes, the amount of real property tax owed in excess of 110% of the prior year’s tax bill shall not constitute delinquent taxes nor shall the taxpayer be assessed any interest for the period said application is pending. A taxpayer shall be eligible to start deferring portions of the increased property tax liability immediately after his or her application has been approved by the Mayor. If the application for deferral is disapproved, the taxpayer shall be notified, in writing, of said disapproval and the reasons therefor and granted an additional 30 days to pay said taxes without interest.

(c) Taxes deferred under this section shall bear simple interest at the rate of ½% per month or portion of a month until paid.

(d) No further deferrals of real property tax shall be granted to a taxpayer when the aggregate amount of the deferred real property tax plus interest from previous tax years, under this section, § 47-845.02, and § 47-845.03, is equal to or greater than 25% of the assessed value of the real property for the tax year for which the deferral is requested.

(e) Taxes deferred under this section, together with all accumulated interest, shall constitute a preferential lien upon the real property which shall be immediately payable by the seller, transferor, or conveyor whenever the real property is sold, refinanced, transferred, or conveyed in any manner, or whenever additional co-owners (other than spouse or domestic partner) are added to the real property; except, that whenever such real property is sold, transferred, or conveyed to the mother, father, spouse, domestic partner, children by blood or legally adopted children of the seller, transferor, or conveyor, the deferred taxes lien, if not satisfied, shall remain in full force and effect.