Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–405. Reporting, analysis, and publication of utilization, financial, and other health-related data; regulations, reporting periods, format, and forms.

(a) The SHPDA shall develop and maintain the Health Planning Data System (“HPDS”). In order to implement the HPDS, as necessary for the development of the HSP, the SHPDA shall require each health care facility to submit, in writing or other uniform media, data related to the utilization, management, and financing of health services, including data on utilization of health services, cost of services, charges of services, patient demographic, characteristic information, and data related to the annual level of uncompensated care provided by HCFs, including charity care provided to District residents, charity care provided to non-District residents, care classified as bad debt provided to District residents, care classified as bad debt provided to non-District residents, any other community benefits, including health improvement services and benefits that are provided without charge to District residents,, and assurances of its provision of a reasonable volume of uncompensated care through the “annual compliance level” of 3% of its operating costs (total operating expenses of a facility as set forth in an audited financial statement or its equivalent, minus the amount of reimbursement, if any, under Titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act).

(a-1) The requirement set forth in subsection (a) of this section, that a health care facility submit an assurance of its provision of a reasonable volume of uncompensated care through the "annual compliance level" of 3% of its operating costs, shall not apply to the hospital referenced in Title I of D.C. Law 23-138. Such hospital shall instead submit an assurance of its compliance with the uncompensated care, charity care, and community benefits requirement set forth in section 3.7 of the Operations Agreement approved in section 101(a)(2) of D.C. Law 23-138.

(b) The SHPDA shall issue rules which identify the types of data required from HCFs and establish submission schedules and formats. The SHPDA may require HCFs to submit data in the absence of rules or in addition to submissions required by regulation upon the determination by the SHPDA that the data are reasonably necessary to enable the SHPDA to carry out the mission of this chapter. HCFs shall be given written notice of the data requirements. The notice shall include the basis upon which the requirements have been established.

(c) Submission of data by HCFs shall be in the form and format prescribed by the SHPDA and shall utilize forms which may be prescribed by the SHPDA.

(d) The SHPDA shall coordinate with public and private entities that collect data of the type described in this section in order to maximize the use of existing data sources and to minimize the duplication of data collection efforts.

(e) The SHPDA shall analyze data submitted and acquired and may publish data, analyses, and findings which identify major health policy issues.

(f) No application for a certificate of need shall be complete and no certificate of need shall be issued if the applicant has not submitted data as required.

(g) The SHPDA is authorized to establish a fee schedule for certain data, analyses, and reports available through SHPDA.