Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–404. Health systems plan; development, publication, updating, and implementation.

(a) The SHPDA, with the advice and recommendation of the SHCC, shall develop a proposed HSP, which shall be adopted in accordance with rules issued pursuant to § 44-421, to guide health policy in the District of Columbia. The HSP shall present data collected pursuant to § 44-405 to:

(1) Articulate issues with respect to maintaining and improving the health of District of Columbia residents;

(2) Demonstrate health care trends over multi-year periods;

(3) Identify health needs of District of Columbia residents;

(4) Identify needs of the health care delivery system; and

(5) Prioritize health care issues.

(b) Where applicable, the SHPDA shall use the federal Healthy People 2010 Plan development guidelines, and subsequent federal Healthy People Plan guidelines, to develop the HSP of subsection (a) of this section and to address the health status and health systems goals of the Department of Health and data needs required to administer the SHPDA’s certificate of need responsibilities under §§ 44-409 and 44-410.

(c) In carrying out its duties for the development of the HSP, the SHPDA shall:

(1) Provide for public involvement in and evaluation of the development and implementation of the HSP, which shall include at least one public hearing;

(2) Develop an Annual Implementation Plan (“AIP”) for the implementation of the HSP;

(3) Conduct informational and educational activities concerning the HSP and the AIP; and

(4) Coordinate all health planning within the District of Columbia.

(d) Upon completion and promulgation of the final HSP, the SHPDA shall publish a notice of its completion and issuance in the District of Columbia Register and forward a copy of the final HSP to the District of Columbia Public Library.

(e) The HSP shall be reviewed annually, and amended as necessary, except that a new HSP shall be issued every 5 years. Upon the completion and promulgation of any new HSP, or any annual amendment to the HSP, the SHPDA shall submit copies to the Council and the District of Columbia Public Library, and shall publish a notice of its completion and issuance in the District of Columbia Register.