Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–211. Confidentiality of test results.

(a) A patient may request, in writing, access to or copies of the results of the patient’s own laboratory tests.

(b)(1) All requests for clinical laboratory services, the results of all clinical laboratory tests, and the contents of patient specimens shall be confidential.

(2) Persons other than the patient or the patient’s physician may have access to the results of the patient’s laboratory tests if:

(A) The patient has given written consent to the person seeking access for the release of the records for a specific use; or

(B) The court has issued a subpoena for the results of the patient’s laboratory tests, and except in a law enforcement investigation, the person seeking access has given the patient notice and an opportunity to contest the subpoena.

(c) All clinical laboratory results shall be reported to the requesting physician. When there is no requesting physician, the clinical laboratory shall report the test results to the patient and shall recommend that the patient forward the laboratory results to the patient’s personal physician as soon as possible.