Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–206. Mayor’s authority to establish Laboratory Advisory Board.

(a) The Mayor shall appoint a Laboratory Advisory Board, which will advise the Mayor on:

(1) Classifying laboratory tests as waived, moderately complex, or highly complex for the purposes of this chapter;

(2) Developing additional requirements or limitations for clinical laboratories;

(3) Proficiency testing programs and certifying institutions and organizations for the purposes of this chapter; and

(4) Developing rules and procedures for inspections of laboratories.

(b) The Mayor shall appoint the members of the Board within 60 days of March 16, 1989.

(c) The Board shall transmit its written recommendations to the Mayor within 180 days of the date of the appointment of all members and shall then cease to exist.

(d) The Mayor may appoint a temporary board, at the Mayor’s discretion, for whatever periods of the time the Mayor deems necessary because of advancements in technology or other purposes consistent with carrying out the provisions of this chapter.