Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–1003.09. Hearing to review Mayor’s decision to transfer or discharge.

(a) Within 10 calendar days after a transfer or discharge by the Mayor, the licensee or administrator of the facility, any resident transferred or discharged, and the representative of any resident transferred or discharged may contest the transfer or discharge by submitting to the Mayor a written request for a hearing. The Mayor shall hold a hearing and render a decision within 30 calendar days after a timely hearing request is received.

(b) A resident who is transferred or discharged from a facility by the Mayor under § 44-1003.05 shall be liable to that facility only for the costs of his or her maintenance incurred before the transfer or discharge.

(c) If as a result of a hearing held under this section a resident is to be returned to a facility, the Mayor shall facilitate that return if the licensee or administrator of the facility, resident, or resident’s representative requests assistance.