Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3224. Leases under control of a person with a mental disability — Money received for renewal paid to guardian for benefit of person with a disability; characterization of money at death of person with a disability.

All fines, premiums, foregifts, and sums of money, which shall or may be had, received, or paid for, or on account of the renewing of any such lease or leases as aforesaid, shall (after a deduction of all necessary incident charges and expenses) be paid to the guardian or guardians, committee or committees, of the person with a disability, and be applied and disposed of for the benefit of the person with the disability, in such manner as the chancellor shall direct: but, upon the death of the person with the disability, all such sum or sums of money as shall arise by such fines, premiums, or foregifts, or so much as shall remain unapplied for the benefit of the person with the disability, at his, her or their death, shall, as between the representatives of the real and personal estates of all such people with disabilities, be considered as real estate, unless such the person with a disability shall be a tenant for life only, and then the same shall be considered as personal estate.