Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–1904.03. Application for registration; contents; later registration of additional units; availability for public inspection; fee to be determined by Mayor.

(a) The application for registration of the condominium shall be filed as prescribed by the Mayor’s rules and shall contain the following documents and information:

(1) An irrevocable appointment of an agent in the District of Columbia, and in the absence of such an agent, the agency to receive service of any lawful process in any noncriminal proceeding arising under this chapter against the applicant or applicant’s personal representative;

(2) The states or jurisdictions in which an application for registration or similar document pertaining to the condominium has been filed, and any adverse order, judgment, or decree by any regulatory authority or by any court entered against declarant or any other person referred to in paragraph (3) of this subsection in connection with:

(A) Any registration, offer of sale of any condominium or condominium units;

(B) Any violation of any condominium statute or any lack of compliance with a condominium instrument; and

(C) Any breach of contract, fraud or misrepresentation perpetrated against any unit owner, unit owner association or unit purchaser;

(3) The name, address, and principal occupation for the past 5 years of every officer of the applicant or person occupying a similar status or performing similar functions; the extent and nature of such person’s interest in the applicant or the condominium as of a specified date within 30 days of the filing of the application;

(4) A statement, in a form acceptable to the Mayor, of the condition of the title to the condominium project including encumbrances as of a specified date within 30 days of the date of application by a title opinion of a licensed attorney, not a salaried employee, officer or director of the applicant or owner, or by other evidence of title acceptable to the Mayor;

(5) Copies of any management agreements, employment contracts or other contracts or agreements affecting the use or maintenance of, or access to, all or a part of the condominium;

(6) Plats and plans of the condominium that comply with the provisions of § 42-1902.14 other than the certification requirements thereof, and which show all units and buildings containing units to be built anywhere within the submitted land other than within the boundaries of any convertible lands; except that the Mayor may by regulation or order waive or modify this requirement or the requirements of § 42-1902.14 for plats and plans of a condominium located outside the District of Columbia;

(7) The proposed public offering statement; and

(8) Any other information, including any current financial statement, which the Mayor by his regulations requires for the protection of purchasers.

(b) If the declarant registers additional units to be offered for disposition in the same condominium he may consolidate the subsequent registration with any earlier registration offering units in the condominium for disposition under the same promotional plan.

(c) The declarant shall maintain a copy of the application for registration at the declarant’s principal office at the condominium. The application for registration shall be made available for public inspection upon request at reasonable times; provided, however, that the Mayor may grant confidential status to any information required pursuant to § 42-1904.04(a)(11). The declarant shall promptly report any material changes in the information contained in an application for registration and amend the application accordingly.

(d) Each application shall be accompanied by a fee in an amount determined by the Mayor. The amount of such fee shall be established at a rate adequate to cover the costs related to processing such application and to provide additional funds to be available to defray the costs of administering this chapter, except that the fee shall not be less than $ 100. Monies collected pursuant to this subsection shall be deposited in the Department of Housing and Community Development Unified Fund, established pursuant to § 42-2857.01.