Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–1904.01. Exemptions.

Unless the method of offer or disposition is adopted for the purpose of evasion of this chapter, the provisions of §§ 42-1904.02, 42-1904.03, 42-1904.04, 42-1904.05, 42-1904.06, 42-1904.07, 42-1904.08, 42-1904.09, and 42-1904.12 do not apply to:

(1) Dispositions in a condominium in which all units are restricted to commercial, industrial, or other nonresidential use;

(2) Dispositions pursuant to court order;

(3) Dispositions by any government or government agency;

(4) Solicitation and acquisition by the declarant of nonbinding reservation agreements;

(5) Gratuitous dispositions; or

(6) Dispositions by foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure.