Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–773.01. Migrant services and supports.

*NOTE: This section was created by temporary legislation that will expire on July 10, 2024.*

The Mayor may establish an office and administer programs to provide time-limited services and supports to recent immigrants to the United States, including the following services and supports:

(1) Welcome and other reception services;

(2) Food, clothing, baby supplies including formula, if baby formula is reasonably available for purchase in the District and other necessities;

(3) Temporary shelter which:

(A) May be provided in a congregate setting; provided, that families with minor children shall be prioritized to be housed in non-congregate shelter units; and

(B) Is maintained in a safe, clean, and sanitary condition that meets all applicable District health, sanitation, fire, building, and zoning codes for residential dwellings.

(4) Medical services, including health insurance;

(5) Relocation services; including:

(A) Services associated with traveling to a secondary destination outside of the District; and

(B) Services associated with settling recent immigrants in the District when a person intends to make the District their permanent home.

(6) Cash assistance for food and other necessities, transportation, relocation, and other identified needs; and

(7) Social and legal services and referrals to external social and legal service programs and providers.