Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–754.36a. Discontinuation of permanent supportive housing.

(a) A provider may discontinue permanent supportive housing for a client only when the client has:

(1) Relocated to another program or facility for more than 180 days;

(2) Abandoned his or her unit for more than 60 days and good-faith efforts to locate the client have failed, or the client has been located but has indicated by words or actions that he or she does not intend to return to and reside in the unit; or

(3) The client has not requested a reasonable accommodation to continue the permanent supportive housing for disability-related reasons, or has requested a reasonable accommodation and it was denied; and

(4) No household members who have been approved as part of the household unit for purposes of the program remain in the permanent supportive housing placement.

(b) Providers of permanent supportive housing shall give oral and written notice, in accordance with § 4-754.33(d), to clients of their discontinuation from services only after the required time period in subsection (a) of this section has lapsed, except where there is credible evidence that the client who has relocated to another program or facility is expected to be absent for more than 180 days. The notice shall be given at least 30 days before the effective date of the discontinuation of services. If it is not possible to provide written notice at the time of the action because the client’s whereabouts are unknown, a written notice shall be delivered to the client’s last known address or, upon request, within 90 days of the discontinuation of services.

(c) A client whose permanent supportive housing is discontinued pursuant to this section shall have the right to be re-housed in accordance with the District's centralized or coordinated assessment system protocol; provided, that the client continues to meet the eligibility criteria for the program.