Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–531.03. Education on menstruation.

(a)(1) In consultation with the State Board of Education, OSSE shall develop and implement health education standards on menstrual education designed for all students, regardless of gender, in DCPS schools and District of Columbia public charter schools, beginning in grade 4.

(2) The overarching vision of the health education standards shall be to ensure that students in the District of Columbia schools shall have the information, support, and enabling-school environment to manage menstruation with dignity, safety, and comfort.

(3) The health education standards shall include information on the menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome and pain management, menstrual hygiene management, menstrual disorders, menstrual irregularities, menopause, and other relevant topics relating to the menstrual cycle.

(b) OSSE shall implement the health education standards required by this section within one year of March 15, 2022.