Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–274.02. HEI scholarship program.

(a)(1) As part of the HEI Program, the University of the District of Columbia may establish and administer a scholarship-award program for qualified individuals who have an interest in the early childhood development field or pre-k education field.

(2) In exchange for a commitment to teach in the early childhood development or the pre-k education system in the District for 3 years, the University of the District of Columbia may provide to a qualified applicant a scholarship, stipend, tuition assistance, or other financial assistance, including financial assistance for mentoring, tutoring, transportation, and child care expenses, to remove barriers to attaining or seeking to attain a higher education credential in the field of early childhood development or early childhood education.

(b)(1) A qualified applicant shall be a high school graduate enrolled in a post-secondary institution receiving funding pursuant to this subchapter in an effort to pursue an associate degree in education or early childhood education or a bachelor of arts degree in education, human development, or early childhood education.

(2) A preference shall be given to individuals who:

(A) Are domiciled in the District;

(B)(i) Work in a bilingual childhood development facility in the District that is licensed by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education; and

(ii) Are required to obtain an associate degree or bachelor's degree pursuant to sections 164 to 171 of Title 5-A of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (5-A DCMR §§ 164-171);

(C) Graduated from a District of Columbia Public Schools high school or District public charter high school; or

(D) Commit to be domiciled in the District within 180 days of accepting a scholarship.

(c) An individual who accepts the scholarship and fails to fulfill the 3-year commitment shall be required to repay the scholarship.