Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–193. Evaluation and re-authorization.

(a)(1) By October 1 of each year, beginning in 2009, and every year thereafter, an evaluator shall be retained to conduct an independent evaluation of District of Columbia Public Schools (“DCPS”) and of any affiliated education reform efforts. The evaluation shall be conducted according to the standard procedures of the evaluator, with full cooperation of the Council, Mayor, Chancellor, State Superintendent of Education, and other government personnel.

(2) The annual evaluation shall include an assessment of:

(A) Business practices;

(B) Human resources operations and human capital strategies;

(C) All academic plans; and

(D) The annual progress made as measured against the benchmarks submitted the previous year, including a detailed description of student achievement.

(3) The initial evaluation shall incorporate benchmarks and analysis of the best available data to assess annual achievement.

(b) No later than June 1, 2015, the independent evaluator shall submit to the Council, the State Board of Education, and the Mayor a 5-year assessment of the public education system established by this chapter, which shall include:

(1) A comprehensive evaluation of public education following the passage of this chapter; and

(2) A determination as to whether sufficient progress in public education has been achieved to warrant continuation of the provisions and requirements of this chapter or whether a new law, and a new system of education, should be enacted by the District government.

(c)(1) The evaluations, and assessment, required by this section shall be conducted by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences (“NRC”) for the 5-year period described in this section.

(2) By December 31, 2009, prior to conducting the initial evaluation, NRC shall submit to the Council and the Mayor a compilation of data and an analysis plan, which shows:

(A) A description of the procedures and method to be used to conduct the evaluation;

(B) The opportunities for public involvement;

(C) The estimated release dates of interim and final evaluation reports; and

(D) A revised budget and funding plan for the evaluation.

(d) Repealed.

(e) Expired.