Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–621.09. Sports wagering suppliers.

(a)(1) An individual, group of individuals, or entity that seeks to sell or lease sports wagering equipment, systems, or other gaming items necessary to conduct sports wagering, or offer services related to such equipment or other gaming items to a sports wagering operator shall obtain a supplier license from the Office.

(2) In considering whether to approve a supplier license application, the Office may consider evidence the supplier submitted to the Office of an existing license as a supplier from another jurisdiction that the Office has determined has licensing requirements similar to those required by the District.

(b) An applicant for a supplier license shall demonstrate that the equipment, system, or services that the applicant plans to offer to the sports wagering licensee conform to standards established pursuant to this subchapter, regulations issued pursuant to this subchapter, and other applicable law.

(c) An applicant for a supplier license shall pay a nonrefundable fee of $10,000 with the application.

(d) A supplier license shall be renewed annually; provided, that the licensee has continued to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements and pays upon submission of a renewal application a $2,000 renewal fee.

(e) A licensed sports wagering supplier shall submit to the Office a list of all sports wagering equipment or services sold, delivered to, or offered to an operator. All of such equipment shall be tested and approved by an independent testing laboratory approved by the Office.