Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–808. Orders for repairs; improvement in equipment, service.

Whenever the Commission shall be of opinion, after hearing had upon its own motion or upon complaint, that repairs, improvements, or changes in any street railroad, gas plant, electric plant, telephone line, telegraph line, pipeline, waterpower plant, or the facilities of any common carrier ought reasonably to be made, or that any addition of service or equipment ought reasonably to be made thereto, or that the vehicles or cars of any street railroad or common carrier are unclean, insanitary, uncomfortable, inconvenient, or improperly equipped, operated, or maintained, or are in need of paint, or unsightly in appearance, or that any addition ought reasonably to be made thereto, in order to promote the comfort or convenience of the public or employees, or in order to secure adequate service or facilities, the Commission shall have power to make and serve an order directing that such repairs, improvements, changes, or additions to service or equipment be made within a reasonable time and in a manner to be specified therein, and every such public utility is hereby required and directed to obey every such order of the Commission.