Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–807. Authority of Interstate Commerce Commission withdrawn; rules and regulations to remain in force; joint action in regulation of public-service company.

(a) The authority vested by law in the Interstate Commerce Commission by virtue and under the Act of Congress, approved May 23, 1908, entitled “An Act authorizing certain extensions to be made in the lines of the Anacostia and Potomac River Railroad Company, the Washington Railway and Electric Company, the City and Suburban Railway of Washington, and the Capital Traction Company, in the District of Columbia and for other purposes” shall no longer be exercised by the Interstate Commerce Commission; provided, that the orders, rules, and regulations made by the Interstate Commerce Commission shall continue to be in force until changed, repealed, altered, or amended by the Commission created by this subtitle, which said Commission is hereby given power and jurisdiction to issue and, at its pleasure, to revoke all permits, or licenses, to carry this subtitle into effect, and its rules and regulations shall be valid and binding on all public-service corporations and on all persons.

(b) The Commission may act jointly or concurrently with any official board or commission of the United States or any state thereof in any proceeding relating to the regulation of any public utility. Any such action may be under an interstate compact or agreement, or under the concurrent power of the States to regulate interstate commerce, or as an agency of the federal government, or otherwise.