Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–1313.13. Application to amend order authorizing Underground Project Charges, financing order.

An application to amend an existing Commission order authorizing the electric company to impose and collect Underground Project Charges shall describe the purpose to be accomplished by the proposed amendment, the financial impacts, if any, to the electric company’s customers that are likely to result from the amendment, if approved, and shall include each item set forth in § 34-1313.08(c) and, with respect to the financing order for the corresponding period, shall include the information required pursuant to § 34-1313.02. The application to amend shall apply only to future Underground Project Charges and the future Underground Rider. Any approval of an application to amend shall allow for recovery by the electric company through: (1) Underground Project Charges of any prudent and reasonable expenses or costs for any project previously approved by the Commission; and (2) The Underground Rider, any amounts paid with respect to DDOT Underground Electric Company Infrastructure Improvement Charges.