Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–5031.18. Form filing.

(a)(1) The Commissioner may require that all policy forms used by every company covering title risks in the District be filed with the Commissioner. The Commissioner shall have authority to disapprove, within 60 days after the date of the receipt of a filing, the use in the District of any policy form which is inequitable, or does not comply with District law.

(2) If a policy form is not disapproved for use within the 60-day period described in paragraph (1) of this subsection, the Commissioner may not disapprove the form for use unless it does not comply with District law.

(b) Forms covered by this section shall include:

(1) Title insurance policies, including standard form endorsements;

(2) Title insurance commitments issued prior to the issuance of a title insurance policy; and

(3) Closing protection letters.

(c) After notice and opportunity to be heard are given to the insurer or rate service organization which submitted a form for approval, the Commissioner may withdraw approval of the form on finding that the use of the form is contrary to the legal requirements applicable at the time of withdrawal. The effective date of withdrawal of approval shall not be less than 90 days after notice of withdrawal is given.

(d) An approved policy form or endorsement providing coverage for which no identifiable premium is assessed may be incorporated into every applicable title insurance policy. The insurer shall disclose any additional coverage to the insured. The provisions of this section shall not operate to eliminate any underwriting standard of conditions relating to the approved policy forms or endorsements.

(e) Any term or condition related to an insurance coverage provided by an approved title insurance policy or any exception to the coverage, except those ascertained from a search and examination of records relating to a title or inspection or survey of a property to be insured, shall only be included in the policy after the term, condition, or exception has been filed with the Commissioner and approved.