Code of the District of Columbia

§ 30–201.09. Enforcement.

(a) The Department shall:

(1) Maintain records on licensed short-term rentals;

(2) Maintain statistics on short-term rental activity and provide reports annually at the request of the Mayor or the Council;

(3) Monitor short-term rentals for compliance with this subchapter and all applicable regulations including the zoning regulations;

(4) Investigate suspected violations of this subchapter by booking services or hosts; provided, that the Office of the Chief Financial Officer shall investigate suspected violations of §§ 30-201.06(c) and 30-201.08(f); and

(5) Issue administrative penalties and orders to enforce the provisions of this subchapter.

(b) The Department may refer violations of this subchapter to the Office of the Attorney General.

(c) The Department shall monitor listings of short-term rentals by booking services. Upon discovery of a violation of this subchapter, the Department shall immediately notify the relevant booking service and the host.

(d) For purposes of determining whether a host is in violation of this subchapter, if any part of a listing for a short-term rental claims or suggests that a short-term rental guest will have exclusive use of the host's entire residence during the guest's stay, this shall serve as prima facie evidence that the short-term rental is a vacation rental, notwithstanding the type of license endorsement actually issued.