Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–1208.61. Practice of veterinary medicine; license requirement.

(a) A person shall not engage in the practice of veterinary medicine without being licensed by the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

(b) A license shall not be required for:

(1) An employee or agent of the federal or District government while performing his or her official duties provided, that a person exempt under this paragraph shall not perform surgical operations;

(2) Experimentation and scientific research in connection with the study and the development of methods and techniques, directly or indirectly related or applicable to the problems or to the practice of veterinary medicine, when conducted by the federal or District government;

(3) A merchant or manufacturer for the sale, at his or her regular place of business, of medicine, feed, appliances, or other products used to prevent or treat animal diseases;

(4) A person engaging in scientific research that reasonably requires experimentation with animals as permitted under federal law;

(5) A licensed wildlife rehabilitator licensed in any state or the District to provide wildlife rehabilitation provided, that a rehabilitator shall not perform surgery, diagnose, or prescribe medication, and may only perform services on indigenous wild animals.