Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–701.10. Required information.

A limited partnership shall maintain at its principal office the following information:

(1) A current list in a record showing the full name and last known street and mailing address of each partner, separately identifying the general partners, in alphabetical order, and the limited partners, in alphabetical order;

(2) A copy of the initial certificate of limited partnership and all amendments to and restatements of the certificate, together with signed copies of any powers of attorney under which any certificate, amendment, or restatement has been signed;

(3) A copy of any articles of merger filed under subchapter X of this chapter and of any statement of merger, interest exchange, conversion, or domestication filed under Chapter 2 of this title;

(4) A copy of the limited partnership’s federal, state, and local income tax returns and reports, if any, for the 3 most recent years;

(5) A copy of any partnership agreement made in a record and any amendment made in a record to any partnership agreement;

(6) A copy of any financial statement of the limited partnership for the 3 most recent years;

(7) A copy of the 3 most recent biennial reports delivered by the limited partnership to the Mayor pursuant to § 29-102.11;

(8) A copy of any record made by the limited partnership during the past 3 years of any consent given by or vote taken of any partner pursuant to this chapter or the partnership agreement; and

(9) Unless contained in a partnership agreement made in a record, a record stating:

(A) A description of the agreed value of contributions other than money made and agreed to be contributed by each partner;

(B) The times at which, or events on the happening of which, any additional contributions agreed to be made by each partner are to be made;

(C) For any person that is both a general partner and a limited partner, a specification of what transferable interest the person owns in each capacity; and

(D) Any events upon the happening of which the limited partnership is to be dissolved and its activities or affairs wound up.