Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–1204.02. Liability of series trust.

(a) In a series trust, a debt, obligation, or other liability incurred or otherwise existing [with] respect to the:

(1) Property of a particular series shall be enforceable against the property of the series only, and not against the property of the trust generally or any other series thereof; and

(2) Trust generally or the property of any other series thereof shall not be enforceable against the property of the series.

(b) The association, disassociation, or reassociation of property of a statutory trust or a series thereof to or with the trust or a series thereof, including by a transaction under subchapter VII of this chapter or Chapter 2 of this title is deemed to be a transfer between separate persons under Chapter 31 of Title 28 and a distribution under § 29-1206.15.

(c) The rules pertaining to distributions under §§ 29-1206.15 and 29-1206.16 apply to a distribution from a series trust and from the property of any series thereof, except for a distribution under § 29-1204.04.