Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–1204.01. Statutory trust having series.

(a) The governing instrument may provide for the creation by the statutory trust of one or more series with respect to specified property of the statutory trust if:

(1) Records are maintained for the series which reasonably identify the property of the series, including by specific listing, category, type, quantity, or computational or allocational formula or procedure, such as a percentage or share of any property, or by any other method by which the identity of the property of the series is objectively determinable; and

(2) Notice that the trust may have one or more series is set forth in the certificate of trust as required by § 29-1202.01(b)(4).

(b) A series of a statutory trust shall not be an entity separate from the statutory trust.

(c) A series of a statutory trust may have a purpose, regardless of whether for profit, separate from the trust or any other series thereof if the purpose of the series is lawful and not a predominantly donative purpose.

(d) Subject to § 29-1204.03, the governing instrument may provide for the creation of one or more classes of trustees, beneficial owners, or beneficial interests having separate rights, powers, or duties with respect to the statutory trust or any series thereof.