Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–104.08. Change of name, address, type of entity, or jurisdiction of formation by noncommercial registered agent.

(a) If a noncommercial registered agent changes its name, its address in effect with respect to a represented entity under § 29-104.04(a), its type of entity, or its jurisdiction of formation, the agent shall deliver to the Mayor for filing, with respect to each entity represented by the agent, a statement of change signed by the agent which states:

(1) The name of the entity;

(2) The name and address of the agent in effect with respect to the entity;

(3) If the name of the agent has changed, the new name;

(4) If the address of the agent has changed, the new address; and

(5) If the agent is an entity:

(A) If the type of entity has changed, the new type of entity; and

(B) If the jurisdiction of formation has changed, the new jurisdiction of formation.

(b) A noncommercial registered agent promptly shall furnish the represented entity with notice in a record of the delivery to the Mayor for filing of a statement of change and the changes made in the statement.