Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–104.04. Designation of registered agent.

(a) A registered agent filing shall be signed by the entity and state:

(1) The name of the represented entity’s commercial registered agent; or

(2) If the entity does not have a commercial registered agent:

(A) The name and address of the entity’s noncommercial registered agent; or

(B) If the entity designates an officer or employee to accept service of process, the title of the office or other position and the address of the business office of that person.

(b) The designation of a registered agent pursuant to subsection (a)(1) or (2)(A) of this section shall be an affirmation under § 29-102.09 by the represented entity that the agent has consented to serve.

(c) The Mayor shall make available in a record as soon as practicable a daily list of filings that contain the name of a registered agent. The list shall:

(1) Be available for at least 14 calendar days;

(2) List in alphabetical order the names of the registered agents; and

(3) State the type of filing and name of the represented entity making the filing.