Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–316. Additional considerations for transfer of licensed establishment to new owner.

(a) In determining the appropriateness of the transfer of a licensed establishment to a new owner, the Board shall consider only the applicant’s qualifications as set forth in § 25-301.

(b) The Board shall not allow the transfer of the license of an establishment to a person against whom there is pending in the courts or before the Board a charge of keeping a disorderly house or of violating this title or the laws against gambling in the District.

(c) When the transferred license comes due for renewal, the Board shall evaluate the appropriateness of the application for renewal according to the standards set forth in §§ 25-313 and 25-315.

(d) If the transfer of ownership, as defined in § 25-405, includes a proposed substantial change in the operation of the establishment, the Board shall evaluate this transfer of ownership in accordance with § 25-404.