Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–123. Farm winery retail license.

(a) A farm winery retail license shall be issued to a farm winery to authorize the licensee to sell wine:

(1) From the place described for consumption off-premises and to deliver the same in the sealed bottle or other closed container in which the same was received by the licensee at the licensed establishment; and

(2) At the licensed establishment for consumption at the licensed establishment.

(b) A licensee under a farm winery retail license may sell and deliver alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption only during the hours of sale and delivery specified for a class B off-premises retail licensee under § 25-722, and may sell and serve alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption except as restricted by § 25-724.

(c) The provisions of §§ 25-725, 25-741(a) and (b), 25-742, and 25-753 shall apply to a farm winery retail license.