Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–122. Pool buying groups.

(a) A pool buying group shall be created in the following manner:

(1) Prior to commencing operations, a pool buying group shall file with ABCA a copy of the agreement under which the pool buying group will operate. The ABCA shall review the agreement and, if the requirements of applicable law and rules are met, shall approve the agreement.

(2) Any proposed amendment to a pool buying group agreement shall be filed with, and be approved by, ABCA in the same manner as original agreements before the proposed amendments shall be effective.

(3) Pool buying agreements shall include:

(A) The name and address the cooperative or pool buying group;

(B) The name of the buying agent for the group;

(C) The cooperative buying group’s bylaws;

(D) For each member, the licensee’s name, business name, business address, business phone number, license number, and the date each licensee joined the group;

(E) The signatures of all the members of the pool buying group;

(F) An attestation that the licensee is not a member of more than one pool buying group at that time; and

(G) The license status of each member.

(b) The buying agent shall be a licensed retailer of alcoholic beverages in the District.

(c) A member of the pool buying group shall not be eligible to place an order with the group until the member has executed the pool buying agreement and the licensee’s name, business name, license number, and the date of membership have been filed with, and approved by, the ABCA.

(d) Any addition or termination to the membership of the pool buying group shall be provided to ABCA under the signature of the buying agent. The notice shall include the effective date of the addition of an new member or the termination of an existing member. The notice may be in letter form or on official forms which may be promulgated by ABCA.

(e) The transfer, suspension, or revocation of a license held by a member of a pool buying group shall automatically terminate the licensee from membership in the pool buying group.