Code of the District of Columbia

§ 24–282. Establishment of Resident Welfare Fund; audit; report.

(a) There is established a nonlapsing fund to be known as the Resident Welfare Fund and to be used for the purposes set forth in § 24-283.

(b) The Fund shall consist of:

(1) An initial appropriation in fiscal year 2007; and

(2) Monies derived from the sale of goods through the commissary at correctional facilities.

(c) Except as provided in § 24-283(2), funds deposited into the Fund shall not be transferred or revert to the fund balance of the General Fund of the District of Columbia at the end of any fiscal year or at any other time, but shall be continually available for the uses and purposes set forth in § 24-283, subject to authorization by Congress.

(d) The Fund shall comply with all financial and procurement statutes, rules, regulations, standards, and systems promulgated by the District of Columbia government.

(e) The Fund shall be subject to annual audits scheduled by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, which shall be submitted to the Council no later than February 1 of each year. The scope of the audit shall include an examination of the Department’s use of Fund profits, including stocking the commissaries, low-bond releases, providing resident clothing upon release, and funding transportation costs for residents after release. The audit reports shall be submitted to the Council and the Mayor.