Code of the District of Columbia

§ 24–211.08. Automatic voter registration and voter assistance and notification to incarcerated individuals in Department of Corrections custody.

(a) In addition to any obligations imposed upon the Department of Corrections ("Department") due to its designation as a voter registration agency by § 1-1001.07(d)(1)(B), the Department shall:

(1) Determine whether an incarcerated individual is a qualified elector, as that term is defined in § 1-1001.02(2);

(2) If the Department determines that an incarcerated individual is a qualified elector, as that term is defined in § 1-1001.02(2), automatically register that incarcerated individual to vote pursuant to § 1-1001.07(c)(1), unless the incarcerated individual indicates that they do not want to register; and

(3) Provide an oral and written notification to each incarcerated individual of the right of an incarcerated individual or with a criminal record to vote in the District.

(a-1)(1) The Department shall transmit to the District of Columbia Board of Elections the voter registration information of each applicant who did not decline to register to vote no later than 10 days after the date of its acceptance by the Department; except, that if an application is accepted within 5 days before the last day for registration to vote in an election, the application shall be transmitted to the Board not later than 5 days after the date of its acceptance.

(2) The information submitted pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection shall contain the applicant's:

(A) Legal name;

(B) Date of birth;

(C) Residence;

(D) Mailing address;

(E) Previous voter registration address;

(F) DMV-issued identification number or social security number;

(G) Party affiliation (if any);

(H) Response as to whether the applicant would like information on serving as a poll worker in the next election; and

(I) Signature.

(b) The Department shall include information about the District voting rights of individuals currently incarcerated or with a criminal record in its Inmate Handbook or other similar resource provided to incarcerated individuals. Such information shall discuss the importance of and process for keeping voter registration information, including their residence address, current and up to date, including upon transfer or release from Department custody.

(c) Beginning on April 26, 2019, and every 6 months thereafter, the Department shall provide to the Office on Returning Citizen Affairs the names and contact information of incarcerated individuals released from its custody in the prior 6 months.