Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–393.02. Membership; appointment; staff; meetings.

(a) The Task Force shall be composed of:

(1) The following government members, or their designees:

(A) The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development;

(B) The Director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development ("Department"); and

(C) The Chairperson of the Council's Committee on Business and Economic Development; and

(2) Eight representatives of business enterprises, one from each Ward, all of whom shall be District residents, who collectively represent industries and geographical areas hardest hit by the COVID-19 emergency, with at least one representative being an owner of an equity impact enterprise as defined by § 2-218.02(8A).

(b) The business representatives shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Council after receiving recommendations made by the Chairperson of the Council Committee on Business and Economic Development and shall serve without compensation.

(c) The Chairperson of the Task Force shall be designated by the Chairperson of the Council's Committee on Business and Economic Development from among the business representatives.

(d) The Department shall provide administrative support for the Task Force.

(e) If, when all the members have been appointed and the Task Force is functioning, the COVID-19 emergency is still in effect, the Task Force shall convene monthly. After the COVID-19 emergency has been lifted, the Task Force shall meet not less frequently than quarterly until dissolved.