Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1402.92. Prohibited discrimination.

[(a)] It shall be an unlawful discriminatory practice for a health care provider to do any of the following against a health care professional based on the health care professional's participation in an abortion or sterilization procedure, participation in abortion or sterilization training outside the course and scope of the health care professional's employment with that health care provider, or willingness to participate in an abortion or sterilization procedure:

(1) Fail or refuse to hire the health care professional;

(2) Discharge the health care professional from employment or a medical training program;

(3) Transfer the health care professional;

(4) Discriminate against the health care professional with respect to:

(A) Compensation or promotion;

(B) Residency or other medical training opportunity;

(C) Staff privileges, admitting privileges, or staff appointments; or

(D) Licensure or board certification;

(5) Take adverse administrative action against the health care professional;

(6) Harass the health care professional; or

(7) Otherwise penalize, discipline, or take adverse or retaliatory action against the health care professional.