Code of the District of Columbia

§ 10–1072. Provision of period products.

*NOTE: Pursuant to section 7085 of D.C. Law 25-50, this section applies only with respect to public restrooms managed or maintained by the District of Columbia Public Library as of October 1, 2023.*

(a)(1) Entities responsible for managing or maintaining a public bathroom shall install at least one dispenser or similar container for period products in all women's and gender-neutral bathrooms.

(2) If a public property does not have a gender-neutral bathroom, then the period products shall also be available in at least one men's bathroom and a sign must be placed in all other men's bathrooms indicating where period products are available in the building.

(3) Entities shall stock every dispenser or similar container with sufficient period products to serve the needs of all building visitors.

(b) Period products required to be made available pursuant to this chapter shall be free of charge.