Code of the District of Columbia

§ 10–1071. Definitions.

*NOTE: Pursuant to section 7085 of D.C. Law 25-50, this section applies only with respect to public restrooms managed or maintained by the District of Columbia Public Library as of October 1, 2023.*

(a) "Public bathroom" means a toilet facility on property owned or operated by the District, including a District-owned property leased by a private entity, and on property owned or operated by entities that have been awarded human care agreements with the District.

(b) "Period product" means a tampon or a sanitary pad made from certified organic cotton and which do not contain the following:

(1) Synthetic fibers;

(2) Plastics, including a plastic applicator;

(3) Chlorine;

(4) Fragrances; or

(5) Other substances hazardous to user health.