Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–817.06. Applicability of other provisions to D.C. Federal Pension Fund.

The following provisions of this chapter shall apply with respect to the D.C. Federal Pension Fund in the same manner as such provisions applied with respect to the Trust Fund prior to October 1, 2004:

(1) Section 1-805.03(b) (relating to the repayment by the District Government of costs attributable to errors or omissions in transferred records).

(2) Section 1-807.04 (relating to the treatment of the Trust Fund under certain laws).

(3) Section 1-813.01 (relating to annual valuations and reports by the enrolled actuary), except that in applying § 1-813.01(b) to the D.C. Federal Pension Fund, the annual report required under such section shall include a determination of the annual payment to the D.C. Federal Pension Fund under § 1-817.04.

(4) Section 1-813.02 (relating to reports by the Comptroller General).

(5) Section 1-815.01 (relating to judicial review).

(6) Section 1-815.04 (relating to the treatment of misappropriation of Trust Fund amounts as a Federal crime).