Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–617.10. Selection of exclusive representatives; elections.

(a) Exclusive recognition shall be granted to a labor organization which has been selected by a majority of employees in an appropriate unit who participate in an election, conducted by secret ballot, or by any other method in conformity with such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Board.

(b)(1) The employer may recognize, without an election, a labor organization as the exclusive representative for purpose of collective bargaining if an alternative method for determining majority status, such as a card check showing actual membership in the labor organization seeking recognition, has been approved by the Board.

(2) The Board shall issue rules and regulations which provide procedures for decertification of exclusive representatives upon the request of 30 percent of the employees or the District and the holding of an election. Such rules and regulations issued by the Board shall prescribe the criteria under which the District may request decertification, such as lack of any unit activity over a period of time.

(c) Representation elections shall be conducted by an impartial body selected by the mutual agreement of the parties or, in the absence of a mutual agreement, by the Board. The entity conducting the election shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter, those rules and regulations as may be issued by the Board, or any election agreement as may be reached which is not inconsistent with this subchapter.

(d) The Board shall certify the results of each election within 10 working days after the final tally of votes, if:

(1) Within the meaning of such rules and regulations as the Board may issue, no objection to the election is filed alleging that there has been conduct which affected the outcome of the election; or

(2) The Board has determined that the number of challenged ballots is not sufficient to affect the outcome of the election.

(e) If the Board has reason to believe that such allegations or challenges may be valid, the Board shall hold a hearing on the matter within 2 weeks after the date of receipt of the objection. The Board shall give due notice of the hearing to all parties. If the Board determines that the outcome of the election was affected, even by third-party interference, or if the Board determines that the number of challenged ballots was sufficient to affect the outcome of the election, it shall require corrective action and may order a new election. If the Board determines that the alleged conduct did not affect the outcome of the election, it shall immediately certify the election results.

(f) A labor organization seeking exclusive recognition shall submit to the Board and the appropriate agency a roster of its officers and representatives, a copy of its constitution and bylaws, and a statement of its objectives.