Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–608.51a. Establishment of the Mayor’s Office of Legal Counsel.

(a) Pursuant to § 1-204.04(b), the Council establishes the Mayor’s Office of Legal Counsel, within the executive branch of the District of Columbia government. The office shall be headed by a Director who shall be appointed by the Mayor and serve at the Mayor’s pleasure.

(b)(1) The purposes of the Mayor’s Office of Legal Counsel shall include:

(A) Coordinating the hiring, compensation, training, and resolution of significant personnel-related issues for subordinate agency counsel in conjunction with agency directors;

(B) Providing legal and policy advice to the Mayor and executive branch;

(C) Resolving interagency legal issues for the Mayor;

(D) Overseeing the representation of agencies in investigative matters before the executive branch of the federal government, Congress, or the Council of the District of Columbia; and

(E) Supervising outside counsel in matters where the Office of the Attorney General is recused from a matter or otherwise not available.

(2) The Director shall employ attorneys and support staff to assist in carrying out the purposes of the office. At least one staff member shall have as one of his or her primary duties the management of issues arising from subordinate agency general counsel-related matters.

(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed to abrogate the provisions of §§ 1-301.89 and 1-301.90.