Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–604.02. Office of Personnel established; appointment and eligibility of Director; delegation of Mayor’s authority.

(a) There is established an Office of Personnel, the head of which is the Director of Personnel.

(b) The Director of Personnel shall be appointed by the Mayor in accordance with the provisions of subchapter X-A of this chapter.

(c) To be eligible for appointment as Director of Personnel a person shall have demonstrated, through his or her knowledge and experience, the ability to administer a public personnel program of the size and complexity of the program established by this chapter.

(d) The Mayor may delegate his or her authority under this chapter, in whole or in part, exclusively to the Director of Personnel.

(e) Subject to the availability of appropriations, the Director of Personnel shall conduct classification and compensation studies of all sworn and civilian pay classes of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department and the Metropolitan Police Department and, based upon those studies, recommend reforms to promote equity, competitive pay, and sound performance management. The areas for review shall include recruitment, retention, longevity, hazardous duty, technical pay, and pay incentives for recognition of superior performance based on standards promulgated by the Director of Personnel.