Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–328.14. Requirements for administration of grant programs.

A grantor administering a grant program covered by this part shall:

(1) Within 45 days from the closing date of the grant application process, provide notification to all applicants of the acceptance or rejection of their applications for the grant funds; and

(2)(A) Maintain records of any written communications as well as a description of any other communications, including telephonic or face-to-face communications, between the grantor and any District government official or staff regarding:

(i) The development of the selection criteria or eligibility requirements;

(ii) Selection by the grantor of a grantee; or

(iii) Issues with a grantee’s compliance with grant-program requirements.

(B) Records required under this paragraph shall be provided, upon request, within a reasonable time, to the Mayor, or his or her designee, or to a member of the Council.