Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–315.07. Report on District boards and commissions.

(a) The Mayor shall, within 60 days of October 17, 1981, transmit to the Council a report on all boards and commissions in existence during the preceding 12-month period by major categories by 1 of the following functions:

(1) Institutional governance boards;

(2) Independent regulatory boards;

(3) Judicial boards;

(4) Appeals boards;

(5) Procedural boards;

(6) Institutional licensure boards;

(7) Occupational and professional licensure boards;

(8) State planning boards; or

(9) Advisory boards.

The report shall include the name, functions, status, composition, date and authority for its creation, the total estimated annual cost to the District government to fund, service, supply, and maintain such board or commission, and the agency responsible for providing the necessary support for the board or commission.

(b) The Mayor shall, within 90 days after October 17, 1981, issue in accordance with subchapter I of Chapter 5 of Title 2, rules and regulations establishing criteria for evaluating all boards and commissions to determine whether such board or commission should be abolished or merged with any other board or commission, and whether the responsibility of such board or commission performs a necessary function not already being performed.

(c) The Mayor shall, immediately after October 1, 1982, institute a comprehensive review of the activities and responsibilities of each board and commission to determine:

(1) Whether such board or commission is carrying out its purpose;

(2) Whether, consistent with the provisions of applicable statutes, the responsibilities assigned to it should be revised;

(3) Whether it should be merged with another board or commission; or

(4) Whether it should be abolished.

Upon completion of the review, the Mayor shall make recommendations to either the agency head or the Council with respect to action he or she believes should be taken. Thereafter, the Mayor shall carry out a similar review annually, and transmit to the Council no later than February 1st of each year, a report on the activities, status, and composition of all boards and commissions. The report shall contain the name of every board and commission, the date of and authority for its creation, its termination date or the date it is to make a report, its functions, a reference to the reports it has submitted, a statement of whether it is an ad hoc or continuing body, and the total estimated annual cost to the District government to fund, service, supply, and maintain such board or commission.